Video Snapshot&Collage 2.4.3 + Activator MacOS

Video Snapshot&Collage 2.4.3 + Activator MacOS

Video Snapshot&Collage 2.4.3 MAS macOS

A handy, high quality and easy to use video snapshot&montage tool.

Key Feature

  • Base on FFmpeg, support all popular video formats.
  • Powerful and accurate video clips selection, you won’t miss any wonderful moment.
  • Rich snapshot option, help to extract the most interesting video frame, and support snapshot preview, help to choose the best snapshot.
  • Support collage several video snapshots into one image.
  • Support video image crop, users can eliminate useless part of the video frame to reduce file size greatly.
  • Support custom output image size, image number and etc
  • Support iCloud sync.
  • Emed FFplay, right click can play video from snapshot’s timestamp, help select video clips more accurate

How To Use it

  • Step1: Drag&drop video file into the app
  • Step2: Mark the start time and end time of interested video clip
  • Step3: Choose snapshot rule and start to snapshot

1. How to select video clip?
Answer: There are 5 way to select video clips:

  1. Drag the time slides
  2. Change the start&end time text field, and press ENTER key
  3. Click start&end time text field and click the steppers to change each field
  4. Click the start&end screenshot, it will jump to the correspond timestamp
  5. From the menu or use shortcuts.

2. How to use the embed FFplay?
A:the embed ffplay is a powerful and efficient video player.

  1. Left/Right Arrow: Move Backward/Forward
  2. Q key: quit the player
  3. S: Step frame
  4. Space key: Pause replay
  5. Mouse right click: video jump to the click point

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