Receipts 1.9.12b4 + Activator MacOS

Receipts 1.9.12b4 + Activator MacOS

Receipts 1.9.12 b4 macOS

Invoices management tool that can detect the amount recorded in each invoice and automatically organize the entries by provider or category. Receipts aims to help you manage and organize incoming invoices in an efficient manner: you get to import the documents, and the utility will try to detect the amount automatically, convert it to the reference currency, and sort it by provider or category.

Receipts offers smart document and invoice collection.


  • Recognize: Receipts recognizes gross invoice amount, slip date, declared sales tax, currency, and bank account details automatically and, thus enables the busy user to speed up his receipts management.
  • Classify: Receipts’ smart content recognition identifies once recorded providers automatically, and thus is able to capture recurring documents correctly and assign to the right category.
  • Analyze: Apart from bar graphs and pie chats in the dashboard giving a quick glance at expenditures by periods, providers and categories, export function enables you to analyze recorded data individually and to enhance your tax declaration.

What’s New:

Version 1.9.11:

  • Extended exchange rates:
    • More than 200 rates
    • Historic rates of pre Euro era
    • Crypto rates like Bitcoin and ETH
  • More than 200 rates
  • Historic rates of pre Euro era
  • Crypto rates like Bitcoin and ETH
  • Already used, and confirmed currencies are fixed at the top of the drop-down list
  • Dollar, pound and yen signs are recognized in OCR documents
  • Intelligent currency recognition now prefers the default currency or confirmed currencies
  • Currency can be corrected manually by entering the currency sign or the three-digit abbreviation next to the amount
  • Fix for GrandTotal import
  • Always show notification on observed folder imports
  • Fixed Receipts functionality in macOS “Services” menu
  • Fix sum of credit and debit for tags in dashboard
  • Fix compatibility issue for macOS 10.11 and 10.12
  • Fix SEPA XML issue by adding BIC settings field
  • Other minor fixes

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