Presentation Helper 1.8 + Activator

Presentation Helper 1.8 MAS macOS

Present anything from your desktop like a charm. Explain more effectively with help of annotation tools that appear over any screen. Draw circles, rectangles and lines.


Presentation Helper is a light weight menu bar app that assists you, when you are presenting anything from your desktop, to highlight, annotate, mark anything to explain things better to your audience.

Presentation Helper is a feature-packed and intelligent assistant utility designed for presenting while online classes, or video tutorials, giving demos from your desktop, explaining, education, technical presentations, teaching, demonstration, and internal meetings at work. The application is aimed mainly for Office workers, Project Managers, Teachers, Specialists, Professors, Trainers, etc.

Presentation Helper integrates a vast array of tools which will help you easily transmit skills and knowledge to your clients or students with significantly enhanced clarity. Annotations can be added on the fly while presenting. By using the included screen annotation tools you will be capable of draw with pen, drawing circles, rectangles, arrows and lines.

You can easily set shortcuts for each of the tool so that you can access the required annotation tool quickly while presenting.

You can draw on or annotate anywhere on your screen. Simply Activate Presentation Helper from the menu bar and start scribbling.

There is an inbuilt Timer that you can show to users while you are on the call or the presentation is yet to start. You can easily configure the time for the timer.

What more, you can save a screenshot of the entire screen with all drawn annotations or just copy the entire screenshot to clipboard and use it anywhere. Default shortcuts have been assigned for both copy and save operations.

Press cmd + C to copy the contents on the screen to clipboard as a screenshot.

Press cmd + S to save the entire contents on the screen to disk as a screenshot.

When you have drawn with any tool on the screen, you can press cmd + Z to undo the last action, or cmd + shift + Z to redo the last drawing action undone.

Simply press ESC to remove all the drawn annotations. Press ESC once more to deactivate the presentation helper tool. Click on the top menu bar item to reactivate it or assign shortcuts for various operations to access them quickly.

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


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