Myna for Google Translate 2.3

Myna for Google Translate 2.3

Myna for Google Translate 2.3 MAS macOS

Myna for Google Translate is the most advanced desktop client for Google Translate on your Mac. It’s perfect for quickly translating without ever needing to open a web browser. Full of extra features exclusive to Myna for Google Translate


  • Instant access to Myna for Google Translate via your Mac’s Dock or menu bar.
  • Translate any text from anywhere with the Services menu.
  • Copy/Paste text for a quick translation.
  • Automatically save the last languages used.
  • macOS Mojave Dark Theme.
  • Optional use of Phrasebook, and save and reuse your translation.
  • Window opacity control.
  • Window Auto Resize supported.
  • Window Auto Hide supported.
  • Translate around 100 languages
  • Fullscreen & Splitview support.
  • Open with Global Hotkey.
  • Direct Translation with Global Hotkey.
  • PopClip extension available.
  • Swap Languages with Keyboard shortcut.
  • Select Languages with Keyboard shortcut.
  • 20+ Keyboard shortcuts for quick and easy access.
  • Safari extension included.
  • And More.

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later 64-bit
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