Disk Diet 5.5.1 + Activator MacOS

Disk Diet 5.5.1 + Activator MacOS

Disk Diet 5.5.1 Multilingual macOS

Trust Disk Diet to safely and easily clean your Mac. Ever had your Mac almost (or completely) run out of disk space? If so, you’ve probably also tried to find out what’s taking up so much space and how to get rid of junk. Sometimes this is easy, although most of the time a lot of the files that are hogging your Mac of much needed space can be tricky to find and remove safely.

Here’s what you can clean with Disk Diet:

  • Removes unused language translations from applications.
  • Cleans up caches.
  • Cleans out the downloads folder.
  • Cleans out old iOS software updates.
  • Cleans out the mail downloads folder.
  • Cleans out old logs.
  • Cleans out old developer folders.
  • Empties the iPhoto trash.
  • Empties the trash.
  • Choose which drive to put on a diet, including external and USB drives.

Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later
Homepage https://www.tunabellysoftware.com


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