Bartender 4.1.14

Bartender 4.1.14 macOS

Bartender lets you organize your menu-bar apps by hiding them, rearranging them, or moving them to Bartender’s Bar. You can display the full menu bar, set options to have menu-bar items show in the menu bar when they have updated, or have them always visible in Bartender’s Bar.



  • Lets you tidy your menu bar apps how you want.
  • See your menu bar apps when you want.
  • Hide the apps you need to run, but do not need to see.
  • Have the clean looking menu bar you want.
  • Rearrange your menu bar items as you wish.

What’s New:

Version 4.1.14:

Bug Fixes:

  • MacBook Pro 2021 Notch Support. Many small bugs with icons either too small or too large etc. Also show on hover not working well.
  • Crash with 4.1.12 on older systems. There was a crash in version 4.1.12 on older systems for some users, this has been fixed.
  • Activate on mouse over menu bar, or click menu bar not working. For some users with specific setups, this stopped working with the latest test builds. This has been fixed
  • Multiscreen fixes for Monterey. Some small fixes for setups with multiple screens.
  • 1 Password 8 popup showing when item moved. A workaround specifically for 1 Password 8 has been added.
    Items becoming unmovable on multiscreen setups. Setups with multiple screens and hidden menu bars (fullscreen apps etc.) could end up with items not being arranged correctly on macOS Monterey, this has been fixed.
  • Some items not moving to correct position in Monterey. This has been fixed.
  • Location menu bar item and Screen Recording not showing in expected positions. This has been improved.
  • Not hiding left menu when needed on Monterey. This has been fixed.
  • Memory leak. There was a slow memory leak effecting a small number of users, this has been fixed.
  • Typos. There was a couple of typos in Bartenders preferences, these have been fixed. thanks all who reported them.

Compatibility: macOS 11.00 or later 64-bit


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